Saturday 22 September 2018

Donegal's dubs plan

Cahill warns Gallagher will spring surprise for Blues

Dublin defender Cian O’Sullivan. Picture: Stephen McCarthy / SPORTSFILE
Dublin defender Cian O’Sullivan. Picture: Stephen McCarthy / SPORTSFILE

Barry Cahill has warned Dublin to expected the unexpected from Rory Gallagher and Donegal in Croke Park on Saturday.

"I'm sure he felt they would have to play Dublin at some point to get to an All-Ireland final or win an All-Ireland," Cahill advised, "so I think he will try something unusual."

The former Dublin star pointed out that "the two big men in the full forward line would be something Dublin haven't encountered before," and thus, may form part of Gallagher's tactical thinking on Saturday night.

"And thinking about the squad they (Dublin) have, it would be difficult for them to replicate that in training matches so it would be interesting to see if they go with that approach."

"The Cian O'Sullivan factor is interesting as well," he went on.

Any team trying to get a bit of joy against Dublin, they have to target him and put him under pressure."

Dublin have beaten Donegal twice this year already in the League but Cahill was adamant: "I don't think Donegal showed their hand in either game and I have a feeling we will see something on Saturday evening that will cause Dublin a bit of bother."

James McCarthy remains Dublin's primary source of injury angst and Cahill noted how the Ballymun man has "turned into such a key player," for Dublin.

"If he doesn't play this weekend - and I'd be very surprised if he does - that will narrow the gap between the teams."

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