Friday 18 January 2019

donegal RATINGS

Paul Durcan: All Star on a thread after nightmare. Gifted Kieran Donaghy one goal (one of several duff kickouts) and nearly another for James O'Donoghue.RATING - 5

Neil McGee: To think he would outscore O'Donoghue and finish on the losing side seems hard to fathom. RATING - 8

Éamonn McGee: Came off a poor second best in his duel with Donaghy, while careless solo turnover almost led to a goal and coughed up a pointed free. RATING - 5

Paddy McGrath: Horror-show start when outfielded by Paul Geaney for first minute goal. Moved to wing-back and fared better on Donnchadh Walsh. RATING - 6

Anthony Thompson: Uneventful day. Failed to win duel with Johnny Buckley. Fouled Donaghy for a early converted free but set up a score for Karl Lacey. RATING - 7

Karl Lacey: No longer the dynamic force of 2012. One good point countered by a poor wide when he could have released Leo McLoone for a goal chance. RATING - 6

Frank McGlynn: Very few forward surges, largely because he was pushed back early to reel in Paul Geaney. RATING - 7

Neil Gallagher: A far cry from his semi-final heroics, he was reduced to slim pickings from the kickout. RATING - 6

Rory Kavanagh: A prominent role during Donegal's second-quarter fightback, teeing up a goal chance for Darach O'Connor, but couldn't quite sustain it. RATING - 6

Odhrán Mac Niallais: Briefly came alive when pointing with a speculative first-time 'pull' and executing a successful turnover, but faded and duly replaced. RATING - 6

Leo McLoone: Didn't score but not for the want of honest toil. One solo run led to a converted free. RATING - 7

Ryan McHugh: Another semi-final star who fell to earth. Didn't win many breaks and second man off. RATING - 5

Colm McFadden: Sadly, his soaring semi-final was more of a blip. Well shackled by Marc Ó Sé - but still inches away from an equalising goal. RATING - 6

Michael Murphy: A solid seasonal climax when Donegal needed far more. Early free-taking was on the money, took his one point from play exquisitely, and set up a couple of late chances. RATING - 7

DARACH O'CONNOR: The 'springer' was close to a goal when he nutmegged Brian Kelly - but replaced soon after. RATING - 6


CHRISTY TOYE: Won three kickouts, scored a point. RATING 7

PADDY McBREARTY: Started on fire with 0-2 but then missed another two. RATING 7

MARTIN McELHINNEY: Positive initial contribution, setting up two points. RATING 7


DERMOT MOLLOY: Scored with first touch. RATING 7

- COMPILED BY frank roche

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