Tuesday 21 November 2017

DCU boss Moyna vents his fury at McGuinness

DCU manager Niall Moyna launched an astonishing attack on Jim McGuinness after Saturday night's O'Byrne Cup victory over Meath.

Moyna was visibly upset over the injury which deprived him of Tír Chonaill man Martin McElhinney, who was listed to start at midfield for DCU but was replaced prior to throw-in.

The Monaghan native alleged that McElhinney, who is in the process of studying for his final exams, was contacted by Donegal management and summoned to tog out for a challenge match against Monaghan in Clones on the same day as he was due to play in the O'Byrne Cup semi-final.

"It's something that I'm quite upset about," Moyna blasted. "Martin is in the middle of his examinations at the moment.


From what I hear - I only spoke to Martin before I left at quarter-past five - the Donegal management team demanded that he go to play a challenge game against Monaghan today.

"What annoys me is not that he had to go and play the game, it was that it was in the middle of his examinations when we had given him time off. So he lost the whole day.

"He went up to Clones and turned on his ankle in the warm-up, so we didn't have him tonight.


"Now we wouldn't have played him tonight if I had known he had played today, but there is something wrong there."

Donegal captain Michael Murphy is another player who co-habits both McGuinness's and Moyna's squad but is currently sidelined with a groin injury which will keep him out of the first three rounds of the Allianz Football League.

"I understand the pressure inter-county managers are under," Moyna insisted. "But to ask a player to go and play a game when they knew he had a semi-final that evening and in the week that he was studying for his exams - he's a final-year student."

Moyna added that he had yet to speak to McGuinness over the matter but intended to do so.

"Martin was extremely upset, extremely upset. "He's an amateur player, playing in a amateur organisation, trying to get an education and we should be facilitating that," he added.

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