Tuesday 10 December 2019

Davis' jewels are gleaming

Deeds of U16's bringing joy to the Kiltipper Road

LOOKING UP: Thomas Davis’ Bryan Keogh in action against Na Fianna during their U16 FC ‘A’ match two weeks ago Photo: Justin Farrelly.
LOOKING UP: Thomas Davis’ Bryan Keogh in action against Na Fianna during their U16 FC ‘A’ match two weeks ago Photo: Justin Farrelly.

The Gooch took a stroll up the Kiltipper Road. He wouldn't have fancied afternoons with JJ Martin on his heels.

But the great one was charmed by what he witnessed. The positivity was flowing down from the Dublin Mountains.

And the news continues to cheer the locality. Thomas Davis have reached their first ever Championship Hurling A final - the U16A Championship final.

Quite the story in a football stronghold. Yet hurling has been making significant strides for many years.

Last Friday night, Thomas Davis were in the semi-final of the Dublin Senior Hurling B Championship. Losing out to the noble Faughs.

Prior to the game, Thomas Davis had won 14 Championship matches over the last two years. The progress they are making suggests that they are only a sideline cut away from entering the Senior A Championship for the first time.

All admire David Keogh's craft.

The Thomas Davis 16's have many duals in their midst. They are also a cracking good football team.

"I'm very happy for them. They have a first-class attitude," says Johnny Jackson who manages the U16 footballers with Mark Bates, Kevin Lydon and Paddy Kavanagh.

The young players know the meaning of the jersey they are representing. The pictures on the wall tell them that.

The Thomas Davis footballers, the High Kings of Dublin and Leinster. The three-in-a-row team.

"The lads have great ambition to continue to do well. And they are so proud to be wearing the Thomas Davis shirt."

The U16 footballers are also enjoying a successful championship. "They are playing very well. Playing as a unit, and playing for each other," notes Johnny.

There's a good spirit there. And the desire to keep on improving.

"This is our second season in the U16A Football Championship," explains Johnny. "We were in it last year as well after we won Division 3.

"We can see the benefit of playing at the top level. That's how we are going to become better ourselves.

"We play our league football in Division 2. But there's very little difference between the two top divisions. You are coming up against very good teams.

"The levels in Dublin football keep on rising. And that's right across the board. And Dublin's success sees those standards getting higher in the county all the time."

All the Davis boys work hard.

JJ Martin taught everyone in Tallaght the benefit of sprinting up hills. It can help you reach for the stars.

"There's a great tradition here, and it's important to all of us that we live up to that," declares Johnny.

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