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Curran and O'Rourke recall '91 epic

IT was a four-card trick that people will always remember - the Leinster Championship clash of Dublin v Meath in 1991.

The teams met four times. They said, overall, Dublin played the best football, but Meath eventually won by a nail ... and a short one at that.

It was a saga that captured the imagination of the Irish sporting public. And listening back to the tape on RTé's Saturday Sport, both Paul Curran and Colm O'Rourke admitted that the hairs were standing up on the back of their necks.

It's a good job the tapes are there because both players don't have the best of memories from the fourth instalment!


"I was unlucky enough to run into Eamon Heary and Keith Barr early on, so my recollections are a little hazy," recalled Colm. And Paul quipped: "My head accidentally came into contact with the knee of Mick Lyons, so I don't remember a whole lot either."

Both sides will have plenty of time to relive the drama as they will be honoured by the Leinster Council ahead of the Leinster Football final next Sunday.

Tommy Howard, the man who refereed all four games, will also be honoured for a glorious chapter in the Dublin-Meath rivalry that was best summed up by the man on the mike that day, the great Mícheál O Muircheartaigh, who described the happenings as simply "incredible."