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Cody not riled by jibes of 'gas man' Loughnane






Brian Cody has laughed off Ger Loughnane's depiction of his current Kilkenny team as "functional beyond belief".

"It's a good starting point for any team to be functional, I'd say.

"And if you ever lose that attribute, you'll become dysfunctional very, very quickly," Cody pointed out at yesterday's Leinster championship launch.

"Look, I'd have not the slightest concern about what Ger said - at all."

Cody's erstwhile managerial rival-turned-pundit raised Kilkenny hackles in a recent interview when he argued that "there is no way this Kilkenny team should be going for three in-a-row. Teams that won three in-a-rows were legendary teams."

Asked about his remarks, the Kilkenny boss mused: "Well, I just know how I take Ger - he's a gas man! And I enjoy Ger, and I know Ger a long time … he might just throw anything out there just for the sake of throwing it out.

"Also, he maybe believes what he says as well, and that's his opinion.

"We'll have a chat about it sometime, maybe - he'll tell me exactly how he thinks," Cody ventured, adding: "If we were to concern ourselves with what all the various people say about us, you'd be working overtime."

When it was suggested that Loughnane's critique had annoyed some players, notably Colin Fennelly, Cody replied: "If a player is being asked a question, without even putting any kind of thought into it, you'll give an answer to it.

"I've never heard it mentioned by any of our players, or by anybody in Kilkenny at all."