Sunday 19 January 2020

'Clucko leads by actions'

Stephen Cluxton
Stephen Cluxton

Kevin McManamon has saluted "the absolute legend" that is Stephen Cluxton - but reckons he's not the perfectionist portrayed by stereotype, just utterly driven.

"He would be demanding," McManamon said. "It's funny, I see a lot of perfectionism in my work (as a sports psychologist) and a lot of the time it's a recipe for not having confidence, because you're never actually at the standard you want to be at.

"I don't know if I'd have Clucko down as a perfectionist but he is driven . . . he knows what level he wants for himself and the team. If you don't rise to that, you'll probably hear about it or get some kind of feedback, which is something I admire in him."

The St Jude's man was bowled over to discover that his 37-year-old captain and 'keeper has now amassed 15 Leinster SFC medals.

"Are you serious, yeah? Fifteen. Ah he's the man, he's the man. I've huge, huge time for him, he's an absolute legend, so long may it continue.

"It can't go on forever but he's a big, big leader for us and a gent to have around the dressing room. He's one of the big drivers of the team."

He added: "He's well able to chat now, he knows his football. He'd have opinions on everything from defence to attack to kick-outs as well. He's not just a shot-stopper, he's so much more.

"He's a student of the game, he has a very good tactical mind, so he'd be giving advice and asking questions. He's a good dude. The big leadership I see are his actions."

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