Thursday 18 January 2018

Burnout affected Dessie's troops

DESSIE FARRELL revealed his personal experiences of a recent case of player burnout yesterday at the launch of a GPA-led report designed to prevent it.

Farrell's Dublin under 21 side were beaten by Tipperary by two points in the Eirgrid All-Ireland U21FC semi-final last Saturday and the GPA chief revealed: "Coming up to the game last week there was one player who came up and said 'I feel shit'.

"So I said 'what's wrong with you?' He said 'We have exams on at the minute, I have been up late studying and I've just no energy'.


"He had the wherewithal to come and say it, how many fellas feel like that on a regular basis but actually don't flag it with you?"

Farrell explained that senior inter-county managers would be consulted with regards to the content of the report but that some are certain to be less receptive than others.

"We are going to send them the report, which is the first thing," he explained.

"Some managers are very good with engaging with us, others aren't as good so we have a mixed bag going on.

"It's a pity that more of them aren't freely willing to engage. I think it's rooted in a sense of suspicion that if they are talking to us they might be giving away secrets or something like that."

Farrell also revealed that in the course of compiling the data, the GPA had encountered "crazy situations where fellas are being asked to travel to a gym during the week to complete their gym programmes.

"You can do a gym programme anywhere. There is some really basic stuff like that that needs to be tackled head on."


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