Wednesday 21 November 2018

Brolly is still cringing over on-air insult


JIM GAVIN appeared to be as miffed as anyone else today as to why no action was taken against Cork defender Jamie O'Sullivan for a late and elbow-led challenge on Diarmuid Connolly in the Division 1 League final.

Speaking at his customary press conference in advance of Sunday's Leinster SFC opener against Longford in Croke Park (4.0), Gavin was in the dark as to how the CCCC viewed footage of the incident and decreed that there was no case to be answered.

"The recent actions by the CCCC, I wouldn't like to think there is a precedent set by Tony O'Keeffe - the chairman from Kerry - and that committee that it's acceptable that skillful players on our team and other teams can be physically targeted and it's going to be accepted," the Dublin boss began.


"That needs to be completely eradicated from it, through the use of black cards or other colours."

"From my experience of the CCCC, they've been very fair in their judgments.

"I don't know the evidence that was presented to them.

"We're seeing players being targeted. And as I said, I just hope it's not a precedent that the CCCC will just let this go without some form of action."

Referee Pádraig Hughes took no action at the time, leaving open the possibility of a CCCC investigation,

They duly did so but decided that O'Sullivan would not suffer retrospective action.

Connolly played the remainder of the match but suffered some dental damage in the incident.

On the thorny and topical subject of sledging, Gavin called the act "a form of cheating," and said it was up to referees to dole out the prescribed black card in order to stamp it out.

"I know it's difficult for referees and I understand that but if they see something sometimes it can be quite obvious what is going on and they need to take action. That will eradicate it quite quickly."

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