Saturday 16 December 2017

Boylan opens up on battle with cancer

SEAN BOYLAN yesterday explained how his "life stood still" after he was diagnosed with a tumour three years ago and never saw himself returning to management.

The Meath legend – who will manage this year’s Leinster Interprovincial football team – had his last managerial appointment with the Irish International Rules team in 2008 but took ill not long after and was only recently given the medical all-clear.

“If you said to me three years ago that |I’d be managing a football team again, there wasn’t a hope in hell,” he admitted yesterday. “Out of the blue I pulled a muscle in the cheek of my backside, the Piriformis is the name of it, and you find a tumour. Your life stands still.

“When your oldest boy is 16 and your youngest child is just five, there are six kids – you start to think ‘what am I putting on the family?’.

“You see what can be done with modern medicine, plus a little help from our own stuff as well, you see your life turn around.

“Then you’re able to be in a position to have your knees done – I’m able to stand now and look most (people) in the eye when before I was nearly on my hands and knees. It’s a joy and a huge pleasure and a marvellous honour.”

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