Thursday 18 January 2018

Barry: Tipperary could go on now and dominate

Tipperary's James Barry celebrates with the Liam MacCarthy
Tipperary's James Barry celebrates with the Liam MacCarthy

In the past, Tipperary's hurlers have been noted for their wholly committed approach to celebrating victory/drowning defeat.

It's an issue they've openly addressed since last Sunday, according to James Barry.

"Mick (Ryan) has set his stall out already that he isn't happy with what we have done so far."

After killing Kilkenny's five-in-a-row bid in 2010, you'd have been laughed out of Thurles for predicting six All-Ireland-less years for Tipperary, which is why there already seems to be feeling of this current bunch being forewarned and suitably armed.

"He wants us to go on over the next few years and really enforce Tipp's gameplan on the whole country," their full-back revealed.

"And show what we are capable of, what we know we can (do).

"Everyone in 2010 was disappointed with how the few following years.


"It is after taking six years to get back to where we wanted to be like, so hopefully the next time it won't take us as long to regain Liam."

"We spoke a lot about it, the hurt," Barry continued.

"Some of the boys have lost four finals at Croke Park, so we just spoke about it that there was no way we wanted to go back and feel the same pain in 2016, so Seamie spoke about it half-time."

Tipperary are by no means the only team who have shivered in Kilkenny's shadow these past five years, though they are certainly the team most deprived success by the Cats pre-eminence.

Kilkenny have broken many Tipperary players. Potentially great teams from that county have been left decimated by their inability to be as good as the greatest.

It's odd to think that before last Sunday, the likes of Noel McGrath, Paudie Maher and Brendan Maher - for all their consistent excellence - had only one celtic cross each in their possession.

"You have to take the Kilkenny team over the last seven or eight years have probably been the best hurling team of all time," as Barry pointed out.

"So we have probably been unlucky in a way.

"Hopefully," he concluded, "the tide has turned towards Tipperary's favour and we can go on and maybe dominate hurling for the next couple of years."

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