Monday 24 September 2018

PHILLY McMAHON believes Gaelic football could go to "another level" by turning professional - but he can also see benefits to having a job away from the game.

"The sport could be much better," the Dublin defender claimed. "The training would be more; you'd probably eat better; and we'd be thinking about the sport more too.

"But that would have to be done from a younger age. If you changed what a footballer has done now, it could be detrimental. If you developed that at a young age, I think the sport could go to another level. Definitely. That's what most professional sports have done," he added.

McMahon, a strength and conditioning coach, has previously worked with Shamrock Rovers and spotted an intriguing difference between full-time soccer players and those who also worked.

"I've dealt with soccer players in Ireland that are playing at a professional level, and the ones that work hard and have the great attitudes are the ones that work as well," he said. "The players who have part-time jobs, their attitude is always about work ethic ... an attitude that they want to work for the team.

"I'm not saying the other players are lazy, but they are sitting on their a**e all day so, when they come to training, their body is still asleep."

McMahon deemed the recent trend of inter-county stars stepping back from careers to focus on football "a great idea".


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