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fun for All ages at Brigid's Ball

A LEGENDARY day and night at St Brigid's last Saturday.

The floodlights were on. The all-weather surface was busy.

From late afternoon, Russell Park became a camogie carnival.

It was a special occasion for Naomh Bríd as all ages came to enjoy the fun.

The finale saw the Legends match. In the audience were the Dublin camogie chief, Pat Martin, and the sport's one-time Director-General, Sheila Wallace.

There was no lack of craft on the stage ... and banter too.

Some players wore funny costumes. At times, two sliotars were being used.

There were many wigs on show. And some dubious refereeing decisions.

Water was being splashed at the opposition. It was a game for a laugh.

The Naomh Bríd camogie folk have been cheering up the locality since 1970.


They have had some wonderful times. In recent years, there is the memory of winning the senior and junior championship on the same day.

And the future of camogie in the club is coated with promise.

"Things are going very well. We have had a very good year," reports secretary, Cathy Barrett.

"We have two excellent sides at adult level. They are in Senior 1 and Senior 5. There's very keen competition for places in both squads.

"Our U16s won the Division 1 League. That's their second league in succession, which is a great achievement.

"That group are now going on to senior level. And then we had further success when we won the U15 Division 2 Championship.


"The club has several girls on Dublin squads, and our juvenile section is thriving."

Installing the all-weather pitch has been one of the best decisions Brigid's ever made.

It's rarely silent, and even in the worst of the weather, the show goes on. "We have fantastic facilities, and the all-weather pitch is such an asset," adds Cathy. "We also have a state-of-the-art gym, a large hall, handball courts, a vast Ball Wall, a new floodlit pitch, plus all our other pitches.

"The other plus is that we are so well situated. Most people can walk to the ground, and we are just off the M50.

"We'd very much welcome new players. There might be players from other counties who have come to the area to work or for college.

"Maybe they'd like to take up the stick again and get cracking.

"We'd be delighted to hear from them."