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FODH chief O'Grady happy to lend a hand

DUBLIN have hit gold with the appointment of Michael O'Grady as advisor to the senior management unit.

He has vast experience. He managed the Dublin hurlers. He played his part in the Dublin hurling revolution.

He has one of the sharpest hurling minds in Ireland.

His views are always worth turning up the volume.

For Michael, the small ball always means big news.

And now he's looking forward to helping out the county's camogie clan.

"I'm happy to be able to help in some small way," states Michael.

"The aim is to try and get Dublin camogie back to the top again."

He's a keen student of the sport. "Camogie has made massive strides in the past decade.


"I thought that this year's All-Ireland Senior Championship final between Cork and Kilkenny was a wonderful, skilful match.

"Camogie players train just as hard as the lads, and they deserve more support."

Michael would love to see more people get behind the Dubs throughout the 2015 season in the National League and All-Ireland Championship.

And, as a member of Lucan Sarsfields, he sees, at first hand, the time that's being invested in the craft.

No club does more to promote and enhance the sport. And the 12th Lock is teeming with gifted young players.

Several of their number already wear the blue. And many more are sure to follow.

When he hung up his bainisteoir's bib, Michael became the chief pilot of the Friends of Dublin Hurling.

And now the camogie community have got themselves a real pal.