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Eugene Egan honoured at Awards Night

THEY remembered Eugene Egan last Saturday night.

Eugene was a friend to all. His presence in the capital contributed so much to ladies football.

He did so much good work for Cuala and the county.

He was a top-class administrator. And he knew the rules.

He was also fair to a fault. There was only one way to do it - the right way.


All the clubs liked and respected him. They admired his honesty and his dedication.

He carried the facts and figures in his head. He didn't need notes.

He loved to see the children flourish and to enjoy the game.

And there was no better mentor to help them do that.

He spent so much of his time out on the training ground, at matches, and at the computer.

Eugene was always looking at the big picture, and to see the stature of the game now would make him proud.

His diligence saw it nourish and grow.

He'd like all players to follow the example of footballers like Sinead Aherne and Lyndsay Davey.

Two role-models for sure, on and off the pitch.

A Dublin duo that, like Eugene, have given so much.

They excelled again this term.