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Dublin's Marbled Hall has voice of an Angel

WHEN Patricia Timmins entered the Hall of Fame this year, the Dublin Gospel Choir began to sing.

Patricia would be well able to join them. She's an acclaimed Mezzo-soprano.

Her CD, Swan Song, is as soothing as Lyric FM.

She played in the era when the Dubs were Queens. She was a member of one of the fondest clubs in the city, Naomh Aoife.

Patricia and some of her team-mates still venture to the Phoenix Park for a puck-around.

It was a story that was featured on RTE'S 'Thank GAA it's Friday.'

Patrica was with the all conquering Dubs in the 60's. Colleagues included legendary figures like Orla Ni Siochain, Judy Doyle and Una O'Connor.

Patricia's mother, Kay, Mrs T, was a highly respected administrator.

In 1964, camogie celebrated its jubilee year at the Old Shieling on the Howth Road. Sean O Siochain and Micheal O'Hehir were present.

Leading legislator, Sean O'Duffy, whom the All-Ireland trophy is named after, was presented with a television.

"Sure, what would I need a television for," he quipped. Mary Moran, in her wonderful history of the sport, captured so many magical memories.

In the same period, Mary also recalled an interview the Antrim PRO, Maureen Smyth, gave to Belfast radio.

The interviewer kept calling her Missus. Finally, she had enough. "I am Miss, not Missus, and I haven't missed much!"

Patricia Timmins never missed a low sliotar.... or a high note.