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PAUL FLYNN can’t wait to put Dublin’s All-Ireland title on the line over the August Bank Holiday weekend.

The All Star forward has gone so far as to claim there are “no All-Ireland champions at the moment” as the Dubs gear up for a quarter-final date against ‘back door’ rivals whose identity has yet to be revealed.

“It's the football I love - knockout football, where the pressure is really, really on and you have to deliver on the day and there's no second chances.

“I think it will bring the best out of us. We know we're under the cosh,” Flynn told the Evening Herald.

Looking ahead to the last-eight draw, he added: “It’s so important but, at the end of the day, whoever we get we get. It’s not in our control, we just have to see who we get.

“There are a lot of good teams in there. I’d say there will be one or two surprises next weekend.”