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Allen loses Council vote

BARNEY ALLEN was snubbed last night in his bid to be elected as one of Meath's Leinster Council delegates, ending a 30-year association with the Royal county board.

In his second major election defeat in just over a month. Allen - who served for five years as county chairman - received just 83 votes to Brian Carberry's 127 and Francis Lynch's 108 and is therefore gone from the Meath executive.

Allen had to vacate his position as chair before convention last December because of the five-year rule and immediately put himself forward for the role of vice-chairman but totaled the lowest votes of the three candidates.

Allen has come in for strong criticism in recent years, most significantly for the executive's botched attempt to oust Seamus McEnaney as senior football manager last season.

Allen's management committee has also recommended that Eamonn O'Brien be returned as manager back in 2010 but lost what was seen largely as a 'protest vote' after a year in which Meath won their first Leinster title for the first time in nine years.