Saturday 16 December 2017

You could get lucky eventually Simon

Simon Delaney
Simon Delaney

No-one can ever accuse Simon "I'll do it" Delaney of being choosy. Having recently appeared in a movie, a TV series, a play, a panto, doing voiceovers and co-presenting last year's IFTAs, Simon has confessed that he would be open to moving full-time to the US, admitting that he and his family would decamp "in a heartbeat".Despite this, Simon has also revealed that he would love to present a chat show on RTE, volunteering the fact that "(The idea) has been mooted before about doing stuff on RTE". Which sounds to me like it's an absolute sure thing that he'll get his own show. After all, I bought a lottery ticket yesterday, which means I'm guaranteed to be a millionaire by Wednesday...

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