Monday 28 May 2018

Women hold key ... if they're not too busy

Emma Waldron
Emma Waldron

Ffor women under 30, it seems to be one or the other - either a job, or a relationship. Nadia Forde is famously too busy to find a boyfriend, while former Miss Ireland, Emma Waldron, revealed this week that she is "perfectly content as I am, building my empire. There is someone I like, but right now but I haven't the time". On the other hand, RTE Two's Diana Bunici has packed in her job and moved to London so that she can spend time with her new boyfriend, Kodaline's Steve Garrigan. Either way, something is going to have to give, because it seems we're heading towards having no working women, or the end of the human race. Neither of which, to be honest, is ideal.

Rray D'Arcy started off his return to RTE radio with a complaint about the price of soup in the canteen. Coming in at €1.02, Ray raised a quizzical eyebrow to this bizarre price, which forces people to carry around coppers, rather than just rounding it down to €1. On the basis that a bowl of soup costs a minimum of €2.50 in most cafés in Dublin, why exactly is it so cheap in RTE? One would have thought that, in paying for their already generous salaries - the average RTE staff member's salary in 2012 was €55k - why on earth should the taxpayer also have to subsidise their lunch?

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