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With Angie and George you can't lose

rAngelina Jolie has said she would consider a career in politics, describing herself as "open" to a life of diplomacy or public service, in an interview in Vanity Fair to be published next week. Speculation also heated up over the summer about the possibility that George Clooney was thinking of running for office. So while everybody's out there setting up pipe dreams, here's one more; an Angelina Jolie-George Clooney ticket in 2016. It hardly matters which of them serves as Veep and which as POTUS. But that ticket would definitely get the vote out.

SSo what was really written on Damien English's hands for the Primetime debate? 'Whatever you do, don't tell the protesters to drink rain water'; 'Divert the debate to Gerry Adams'; 'Don't mess this up'; 'Look for a new job'; 'Post back Irish Water form'; Or maybe just 'turn off the immersion'.

NNew research published in the Health Psychology journal has found that traditional comfort food doesn't improve a bad mood. I'm not sure what foods they included in this survey but they clearly didn't factor in the Irish Mammy stew. You can't cry into a salad. But a hearty stew? Now that's a food to warm up your heart and your humour.