Sunday 17 December 2017

Wise words from Bill show he's a class act

Bill O'Herlihy
Bill O'Herlihy

THERE was always something impressive about Bill O'Herlihy: the understated way in which he carried himself; the lack of ego; and the happiness just to get on with his job.

And with all the controversy of late about ageism in RTE, and the sense of entitlement that some of its more elderly statesmen seem to have, how refreshing it was to read Bill's words this week. When asked about whether he had any more work lined up with the national broadcaster, Bill was his usual straightforward self, with no suggestion that RTE owed him a living.

"If somebody came along and offered me a series of interviews, I'd be interested in that," he said.

"But nobody has offered me anything. Either I'm good enough or not, or there's a vacancy or not.

"If nothing comes of it, so be it."

Class act.

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