Monday 18 December 2017

Will do we still pay pensions to fraudsters?

TThere has been justifiable outrage that Ivor Callely will still be entitled to collect his annual government pension of €47k a year. And when one considers that an even bigger fraudster, former Fianna Fail minster Ray Burke, described as "corrupt" by the planning tribunal, and who served six months for tax evasion, continues to fleece the Irish taxpayer for a pension each a year. Maybe it's time that the government pondered the double-standard of those with criminal records not being allowed to drive taxis, but still being allowed to draw fat ministerial pensions?

TDublin's South William Street is home to more than just a collection of trendy cafés. It is also Paparazzi Street, the stretch of pavement where Ireland's leading celebrity photo agency camps out every day. 
 And the reason they do so is very simple - Irish celebs know its the place to go if they want their photo in the papers. A TV presenter who hasn't been on the box for a while? Check. A model wanting to display a carefully-cultivated "natural" look? Check. One half of a recently-split couple, wanting to show that they're still around? Check.
 Next time a celeb complains about being snapped out and about, simply ask them the following question: why do you keep walking up and down the one street in Dublin where you know the photographers are going to be?

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