Sunday 20 January 2019

What kind of women are running radio?

My favourite model slash DJ, Daniella Moyles, has taken to Twitter to comment on the lack of female representation on Irish radio.

Referring to the list of nominees for this year's Radio Awards, she tweeted: "Three female nominees out of 40? Pretty heartbreaking for women in radio."

Daniella has a very valid point, coming at a time when Today FM is propagating crass sexual stereotypes with an ad campaign for Dermot & Dave's new show, featuring a bra with the two presenters faces superimposed onto it, under the unbelievably tacky headline "we've a right pair starting today".


So how strange it was to hear the comments of former Today FM presenter Mairead Farrell, who jumped to the defence of her employers when asked about this glaring gender imbalance. "While there may not be a lot of women on radio, there are an awful lot of women in radio," she said. "In fact, radio is run by women."

Mairead may well have a point when it comes to the number of women who work behind the scenes, but if they genuinely are the controlling hand of Irish radio, then the following question needs to be asked.

What kind of women are running Irish radio if they can approve such juvenile, sexist humour as the Dermot & Dave ad?

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