Sunday 21 January 2018

We need to see more strong women like House of Cards' Claire on screen

A woman with Alzheimer's disease, a woman who walked, a woman who pretended to be murdered, a woman who was married to a genius and a woman who has to beg her colleagues not to take her job.

These were the roles of the five best actress Oscar nominees last week. Compare these to the actor nominee roles: a genius, the number one sniper in the world, a billionaire sports enthusiast, another genius code breaker and a crazy Birdman.

I think it's kinda clear. Men have better roles in movies. It's unfair, but it is true.

Women just have to walk and an audience is happy. Year after year we hear lead actresses bemoan Hollywood and its writers, pleading for something more. But instead they have to accept roles about illness, being a sidekick or potentially being given the sack.


So it is with interest that I begin my Spring-time viewing of my favourite drama, House of Cards. Frank and Claire Underwood are a fascinating couple.

In television terms they have equal power, albeit Frank has the political power.

But Claire Underwood is a dream role for any actress. She has glided through the political landscape, doing her own manoeuvring with her career, her relationships and her enemies.

The fact that she knows her husband intimately gives her immense strength - no journalist bit on the side for him is too much for her, no sneaky kiss with his bodyguard is too upsetting. In fact, she joins in at one stage. Oh Claire, you are sooooo bold!

They have a clear goal as a couple and nothing will get in the way. So this season is calling me and I shall savour every second of Robin Wright's performance.

If only there were more roles for women like this, instead of the walking, begging, supporting, second rate parts they usually have to put up with.

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