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We can’t get enough of get rich quick spin

IIn the US, disgraced Irish financier David Drumm is being grilled about allegations of fraudulent behaviour on his part as the company which he headed up, Anglo Irish Bank, was facing meltdown.

At the exact same time here, a disgraced US financier, Jordan Belfort, was giving a seminar in the RDS.

Belfort (left), the real-life subject of the recent Hollywood movie The Wolf of Wall Street, was sentenced to two years in jail in 2004 for stock market fraud, which resulted in investors losing over €200m.

Vulgar, greedy and crooked, one would have thought that Belfort deserved at least the same degree of public scorn as Drumm.

But guess what? For hours, thousands of people queued up to listen to Belfort’s “motivational” speech, hanging on his every word as he advised get-rich-quick merchants to pick up bargains now just as people are suffering.

“Those who do it are the vulture guys who will swoop in when things are at their bottom” said the great man, as the press and public alike fêted the inspirational words.

Who knows If Drumm is cleared of fraud maybe we’ll see him back here in ten years giving a similiar address?