Saturday 19 January 2019

Venice, paps and a $750k ring? And I thought George was a low key guy

So all the Hollywood do-gooders descended on Venice for the wedding of Mr Best Do-Gooder Actor Ever, George Clooney, to his human rights lawyer wife Amal Alamuddin.

Matt Damon (co-founder of water.org), Bono (founder of the charity Red and a million other campaigns) and Anna Wintour (who's raised over $10m for AIDS charities) hopped between the canals for the wedding of the year.

And so the man who the world thought would be single forever decided to tie the knot with a woman who seems to match George's dedication to world peace, love and happiness.

To be honest I thought it would be a more low key event. I thought George and Amal might have gone for something a little less luxurious.

To my mind it was all a bit ostentatious. Some are saying the cost of the whole affair from engagement ring ($750,000) to shipping boxes of George's own tequila to Venice came to $13m.


I saw footage of the melee of water taxis and paparazzi that surrounded the couple the morning after the big event. It was insane.

For some reason, I would have imagined that George and Amal would have done a Brad and Angelina. An intimate gathering. No bling, no waste, no showing off.

For someone who vowed that he would never marry again, George did a hell of a u-turn in going all bells and whistles for his fiancee.

Methinks the lady had her way with this celebration. But then again, George was obviously very happy to go along with it all.

The actor who became a political activist married the human rights lawyer. How Hollywood perfect. So who am I to bemoan their incredibly lavish, extravagant, opulent day?

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