Tuesday 12 December 2017

Trinity College eventually have it their way after book battle with burger giant

The Book of Kells
The Book of Kells

The custodians of the Book of Kells have finally decided to pimp it out.

From next month on, aficionados of the illuminated manuscript will be able to buy 'BK merchandise' - Book of Kells-themed diaries, notebooks and postcards.

Trinity College, proud holders of one of the world's most famous books, has for many years used its possession of it as a means of drawing tourists onto their property. Last year alone, 650,000 viewed it. which sounds impressive.

Impressive, that is, until you consider that 10 times that amount, 64m, visited a burger restaurant during the past month in the US alone.

The reason for this apparently random comparison is that, in attempting to trademark the Book of Kells brand in the US, TCD faced objections from Burger King, who feared that the similar BK initials might confuse potential customers.


A cynic might argue that it's a sad indictment of Burger King's customers, as the fast food chain perhaps feel that their average burger chomper can't tell the difference between the Book of Kells' friars, and Burger King's fries.

But it will no doubt come as a relief to TCD that its planned trademarking can go ahead.

Perhaps it might now be opportune for Trinity to capitalise on this possible confusion and, in offering 'BK Deals' - a free diary with every admission, along with a special paperback edition of the book called "The Whopper" - it might entice even more Americans through their doors?

And while we're at it, the National Museum could rebrand itself as the "Museum", with a big, yellow M at the front door?

Sometimes, business opportunities present themselves in the strangest of ways...

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