Sunday 17 December 2017

Tourist sees worst and best of city

hE bravely jumped into the murky waters of the Liffey to save a drowning man, only to have his wallet and phone stolen.

US Student Joe Sheehan was in Dublin just hours before he spotted the man in the river in grave danger and without a second thought, jumped in to save him.

If it wasn't for his intervention, the individual could have died. But Joe's reward was to have his valuables stolen.

It's deeply shameful that something like this could take place.

After experiencing the worst of the city, he then saw its good side. Bystanders, appalled at what had happened, treated him to a night out.

One of them even put Joe up in his apartment.

However, attacks on tourists is a recurring theme in Dublin and our reputation for being 'the land of a thousand welcomes' is undoubtedly in danger.

Joe saw the worst and best of Irish society in a single evening in the capital.

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