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Tough love from hosts central to a show full of heart and laughter

I had the pleasure of making a new show - called The Unemployables - that is going out this Thursday on RTE2, presented by Jennifer Maguire and Darren Kennedy.

It was a fascinating show to make for several reasons.

Firstly, the title. When we told some people what the show was called, they were shocked. It's such a harsh description, 'unemployable'.

But what we found was that the two people who took part in this show, Andy and Kristyna, were so negatively effected by not working that they really did feel, well, unemployable.

At the beginning of the show, Andy talks about how he feels like an old man. He opens up about feeling depressed.

And Kristyna speaks about how she initially loved the social benefits she was on, but now she just wants to work.

The obvious result of being young and long-term unemployed was that it effected Andy and Kristyna's confidence.


And this is where Jennifer and Darren came in to play. It's not that our two presenters were experts in finding people jobs, but both of them started work in their early teenage years and they know what it's like to graft.

Darren began working at the age of 13 in a garage. And Jennifer clawed her way through the business world until she was managing a team of 30 people.

What they both bring to this show is a history of hard work and a desire to help two young people who need, among other things, someone to give them a chance.

It was incredible to see Jennifer and Darren make a positive impact on both Andy and Kristyna's life, through some hilarious tough love and some invaluable advice and experiences.

The Unemployables is a new show with a huge amount of heart and laughter. It's on a 9.30pm this Thursday - give it a shot!