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Tired of waiting to feel the Bounce


Nicola Hughes

Nicola Hughes

Nicola Hughes

RTE's long-mooted rival to Xpose is back in the news, as Nadia Forde and Nicola Hughes are being screen-tested to appear alongside co-host Eoghan McDermott.

If the show Bounce rings a bell, that's because it's over two years since it was first announced, with Paul Galvin, Vogue Williams and Daniella Moyles then set to present it.

Judging by the pace at which the show is coming together, may I suggest a better way for RTE to get one back on TV3?

Hire the children of two of Xpose's original presenters - Lorraine Keane and Karen Koster (inset) - to front Bounce. Amelia Keane is 11, and Finn Koster is five months, but by the time the show goes to air they'll be perfect.