Sunday 20 January 2019

Time to get over yourself Rob, that tackle over Laura rumour was OTT

Irish rugby star Rob Kearney took to Twitter this week to respond to reports that he kissed Laura Whitmore at the Electric Picnic and it's fair to say that he was not best pleased.

His tweet to one journalist was straightforward: "Inaccurate and totally untrue article you've written. As a result I'll never do another sports interview with your paper!"

Let's leave aside the tautology of calling something "inaccurate and untrue" which, when one is limited to 140 characters, is unforgiveable repetition.

Instead let's focus instead on the sentiment, the promise to punish the red-top tabloid for its error.

The offending article suggested that Rob and Laura shared a snog, and one would have thought that there are worse things to be accused of.

Firstly, neither is harsh on the eye, so it is hardly an insult to be associated with the other.

Secondly, neither is particularly shy about being in the newspapers, what with Laura's daily fashion parade and Kearney just this week doing a photocall to promote a pub venture he's involved in.

Most importantly, so as far as one can tell, both of them are single, so there is no damage done to an existing relationship.

I use the expression "as far as one can tell", because Laura, in particular, refuses to answer a straight question about her relationship status.

Perhaps all this is an elaborate joke by Rob, who was simply making fun of a issue which he knows is hardly of global significance and, if that is so, then he is to be applauded for his sense of irony.

But if he genuinely means to boycott a newspaper because of such a trivial story, it's probably appropriate to suggest the following course of action.

Get over yourself, Rob.

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