Saturday 19 January 2019

Time for stars to hit delete on their snaps

YYa gotta be careful with the nudey photos folks. In fact, if you're going to take them, you should really keep them close to your, ahem, chest. If you're one of the celebrities who stored your snaps in the iCloud and have had them hacked and shown to the world, can you really be surprised? Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst and all the others have learned that the cyber world can be a nasty one. Advice? Delete, delete, delete.

II don't like the new X Factor. It's been lame and boring with too many shots of the judges smiling inanely and far too many ad breaks. There was the Irish fool giving a rose to Cheryl, there was the silly sisters and the cute boy bands. Of course Cheryl (right) gave out to Simon and, no surprise, Louis was a hoot. But it was the same old same old, and it all felt a bit tired.

TThere are some celebrities that you hope will live forever and Joan Rivers is one of them. The news that she is now in a coma is sad because she has entertained us for decades and always gives the impression that she never wants to stop. I hope she recovers quickly and gets back to slagging all the other celebrities in her fab show Fashion Police.

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