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tiffany as cheerleader for 'ordinary women'? ... don't make me laugh

In a time when civil unrest is in the air and the (albeit temporary) presenter of the Late Late Show, Sinead O'Connor, is espousing the benefits of a national uprising, how comforting it is to have a figurehead to whom the female half of the population can turn.

Tiffany Stanley has mapped out a scenario by which the women of Ireland can "keep it real".

Because while taking time out from her hectic acting slash modelling schedule, LA-based Tiffany made the following pronouncements to an Irish newspaper this weekend.

"More women are now embracing the beauty in a fuller form in place of the unhealthy cover girls of the past," she said.

"We had 'heroin chic' females such as Kate Moss in the headlines, a highly unachievable look for most women, myself included."

The reason for Tiffany's comments is that she herself has recently posted racy pictures online, which cynics might dismiss as an attempt to capitalise on the publicity surrounding Kim Kardashian's recent "break the internet" photoshoot.

In one photo, taken behind the scenes at a lads' mag shoot in the US, Tiffany is seen with her back to the camera, wearing nothing but a leather jacket, while glancing down at her exposed, naked bottom.

"My assistant took the picture on his iPhone," explained Tiffany. "It's not professional or airbrushed. The female form is a beautiful thing and should be embraced. To me, women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful and this should be supported and respected."

There is, of course, one teensy weensy problem with Tiffany's attempt to portray herself as a force of empowerment for women worldwide.

Far from being a regular woman with an "ordinary" shape, Tiffany herself is a tiny size 6, with relatively disproportionate boobs, dangerously close to what one might pejoratively describe as a Barbie Doll.

Not only that, Tiffany has regularly updated followers on how she has not only kept this shape, but has led her to slim down by a further 15 pounds since arriving in LA.

And for someone of Tiffany's shape, it is humbug of the highest order to consider yourself to be a cheerleader for "ordinary women".

More than a tad deluded about the state of her career, more than a smidgen keen to become famous and, judging by her recent comments, rather less than likely to split the atom any time soon, Tiffany has very little in common with most "real" women.


Constantly showing off her tiny frame with an endless series of bikini photographs, which seems to be her main line of work these days, far from being someone to whom their body shape is unimportant, Tiffany is quite the opposite.

Before moving to LA, Tiffany told a newspaper of her reasons for leaving our shores to try and become a Hollywood star.

''My resolution is to really focus and catch a break in America by working really hard. If it doesn't happen at least I can say I tried."

Whereas the truth, of course, is rather closer to the following.

"If it doesn't happen, at least I can say I flashed my rear end in a lads' mag."