Saturday 19 January 2019

This election badly needs real issues

THE election campaign is heating up as an eventful first week saw the party leaders competing for the voters' ear. As the posters go up all over the country and the networks argue over which channel will hold what debate, and when, much talk has surrounded the renegotiation of the bank bailout.

However all the same old talk on the economy is beginning to fall flat as people grow weary of the same buzzwords being bandied about while little progress is made in terms of any real prospect of change for the financial betterment of all.

The fact is, the real key issue that will likely define this election has still to emerge. Perhaps the televised debates will help, though with the first televised debate airing on Tuesday on TV3 and no clear indication of who is to take part, and RTE still stymied over their debate plans, we can only watch and hope.

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