Thursday 24 May 2018

There's much more to Nuala than €2 cream

Nuala Carey
Nuala Carey

II'm delighted that weather presenter Nuala Carey has debunked the stereotype of her job as one performed by people whose only concern is their appearance, with no formal training for their roles. "I think sometimes movies have stereotypes of weather girls which maybe focus on how the presenter looks and kind of forget the fact that we have a great education," she revealed. I'm delighted that Woman's Way, the magazine which interviewed Nuala, went out of its way to accentuate this and not focus on the superficial. After all, the front page headline announced: "Nuala Carey - her savvy secrets, and her €2 face cream." Oh, hang on...

KTypical. You wait ages to hear anything about FG TD Ray Butler, then two stories come along at once. In December, Ray grabbed the headlines by raging at the €500k reportedly paid by RTE to lure Ray D'Arcy, describing the sum as "ludicrous". This week, however, he was himself the victim of unwanted harassment, when his family home was picketed by anti-water charges protesters, who then turned up to a constituency meeting he was having, where an incident took place. While not condoning the harassment of the TD in any way, perhaps Mr Butler now realises how uncomfortable it is to be picked on simply because you're an easy target. The way Butler himself did with Ray D'Arcy...

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