Tuesday 28 January 2020

'There was a feeling of pride that we defied English might for a week'


Some of the fiercest fighting in Easter Week was witnessed in the Four Courts area.

Irish Volunteers, led by Commandant Ned Daly, occupied the courts' complex on Easter Monday and held it until the surrender the following Saturday.

The rebels won out in a number of skirmishes in the area. On Wednesday they captured the Bridewell police station and Linenhall Barracks.

From Thursday onwards there was sustained fighting at North King Street, during which soldiers of the South Staffordshire regiment murdered a number of civilian men.

Around this time the Four Courts was shelled by artillery from Essex Quay - with the damage clearly visible in the photograph above.

Volunteer John Shouldice recalled: "there was a feeling of pride that we defied the might of England for a whole week".

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