Tuesday 28 January 2020

'The old Metropole was blazing furiously'

Voices from The Rising

James Connolly
James Connolly

A NUMBER of those who fought at the Metropole Hotel outpost during Easter Week later gave statements to the Bureau of Military History.

[Connolly] instructed me to take charge of the remaining men and to occupy the block of buildings from Prince's Street to Abbey Street, which included the Metropole Hotel...I was to dig a hole through each of the houses until I got to the corner of Abbey Street....we then moved into the Metropole Hotel, which we occupied immediately, giving notice to the people staying in the hotel that they would have to get out in 15 minutes
- Oscar Traynor

The old Metropole was blazing furiously just across the narrow width of Prince's Street
- Fintan Murphy

One of our men was swinging a home-made bomb, which was in fact a billycan packed with bolts, nuts and, I believe, gelignite as the explosives. He was swinging this bomb round his head in order to gain impetus for his throw when, to our horror, the handle parted company with the can and the can flew into the room instead of being thrown [out]. Luckily for us it did not explode
- Oscar Traynor

[By Friday] the fires had now extended from the Metropole Hotel to O'Connell Bridge...the whole area was one mass of flames
- Frank Burke

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