Wednesday 29 January 2020

The luxury hotel that was a rebel outpost


The Metropole Hotel was one of the most prominent and luxurious buildings on Sackville (now O'Connell Street) at the time of the Rising.

Located on the site of the present day Penny's, it was next door to the GPO and was used as an outpost by rebels to provide cover for the GPO itself.

A group of 22 rebels occupied the hotel on Tuesday, April 25, under the command of Oscar Traynor, holding it until Friday.

Items such as bedding were taken from the hotel to be deployed in the GPO.

On Thursday the GPO came under bombardment, with the Metropole Hotel's roof also hit by shells early on Friday morning.

By Friday evening the GPO was an inferno, with the flames spreading across Prince's Street to the hotel, which caught fire, leading to its evacuation.

Within 24 hours the building was destroyed.

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