Sunday 19 November 2017

The Fast And The Furiously Bad

Paul Walker
Paul Walker
Michelle Rodriguez

The Fast and Furious 7 (starring Michelle Rodriguez, inset) is breaking box office records. Given that I haven't seen it, and it is the last film of the late Paul Walker (left), I'll reserve judgement. But the other six are fair game - and they are terrible, terrible films. Even worse, they are terrible, terrible car films. Such films have two chances to be good: they can be a good movie with a good car chase (like Ronin), or they can be an awful movie rescued by a car chase (like Bullet). These movies miss both - plotless guff, they feature such awful car-chase cliche's as the 'press the pedal more to go faster' shot and the 'change gear for super speed' cutaway. Now, no-one wants totally lifelike movies (ever seen Le Mans?) but there's a limit about how awful they should get.

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