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Swit swoo! Nothing like a new lippy to give you a new lease of life

CLARINS Rouge Eclat in Candy Rose


This is a candy rose for grown up ladies: not too sweet, not too pink, but just sweet and pink enough to be pretty. It's moisturising with a touch of sparkle; it's also too fragranced, which took me by surprise. This is a prime candidate for holiday daytime office party wear - to be really specific.

MAC COSMETICS Mineralize Rich Lipstick in Splurge

€26.50 HHHHI

A delicious pinky-plum, this feels and looks as rich as it says on the tin. You may like to get a matching lip liner just because the darker shades can be hard to manage round the edges. I find lip liners annoying, but am more annoyed by wonky looking lips.

L'ORÉAL PARIS Color Riche Collection Privée Pure Reds

€11.99 HHHHI

A whole spectrum of reds is at our disposal thanks to this line, from the orangey ones suited for sallow skins and the bluey ones suited for those with paler complexions. Each colour is attached to a famous name; I preferred Blake Lively's Pure Red as the undertone had so much lovely cooling blue in it that it just popped. It goes on moist but dries up fairly sharpish.

SEVENTEEN Stay Pout in Date Night

€5.89 HHHII

Another lovely blue-red that verges a tiny, tiny bit towards the purple, which is quite okay with me. It tended to bleed, which is not cool, so yes, the dreaded lip liner will be not-so-dreaded here.

RIMMEL LONDON Provocalips in I'll Call You

€8.49 HIIII

The brand did a great job with its creamy Apocalips line. This is a matte, and it is totally drying, even with the addition of the shiny topcoat that comes with it. It purports to stay put for 16 hours, and - no. I had high hopes, and am bummed out.

No7 Stay Perfect Moisture Drench Lipstick in Soft Berry

€12.95 HHHHI

Love this deep purple/magenta hue when I'm not in the mood for red but want something with more weight than a rose. While it doesn't stay perfect if you have to eat or drink, it comes close.

I feel like I use a lippy as an accessory: a new one is way cheaper than a handbag, and I hardly ever wear earrings. Call me crazy, but a few of the below make fashion statements.