Thursday 20 September 2018

Sure aren't we all great little pixies?

Angela Merkel
Angela Merkel
Barry Murphy as Angela Merkel

Pixie. Who would have thought that this cute word, normally associated with small, innocent, tiny creatures, could be so cutting?

As a child, if your parent called you a pixie, it was a term of endearment. I'm sure plenty of adults use it in a similarly affectionate way with their partners.

Yet when Barry Murphy as Angela Merkel on Irish Pictorial Weekly, calls us all pixies every week, he makes us feel like the most stupid, useless creatures in the whole of Europe. This satire is brilliant and the Merkel sketches make for some of the most uncomfortable comedy I have seen in a long time. You want to laugh, but you know you'll only be laughing at yourself. Pixies, that's all we are.

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