Friday 19 January 2018

Stripping off, what on earth were you thinking Rosanna?

Rosanna Davison recently posed for lad mag Loaded.
Rosanna Davison recently posed for lad mag Loaded.

She's a lady in red alright, she's just not wearing very much of it. Anyone looking at the photographs of Rosanna Davison in this month's Loaded magazine could be forgiven for thinking this is a model desperate to make her name. After all, stripping down to the bare necessities is a sure-fire way to get noticed in the cut-throat world of modelling.

But oh, Rosanna, what on earth were you thinking? Unlike the desperate beauties smiling out from the pages of most 'lads' magazines, Rosanna has already made it to the top. Since being crowned Miss World in 2003, the 24-year-old has gone on to prove her intelligence by earning a university degree. And she exhibited her sense of humour with a stint on Celebrity Jigs 'N' Reels. So what has she left to prove?

The mind boggles. Her latest photo shoot has been repeatedly described as "tasteful". Call me old-fashioned, but it's difficult to see how snaps of a model in red lingerie in the London Underground are deserving of that title.

This is no artistic Annie Leibovitz-style spread. And it's not Vanity Fair. Or even Esquire. Instead, the lovely Rosanna has sold her soul for a few pages in the original lads' magazine.

And she's even suffering the ignominy of not being flagged on the front cover. Instead, we're treated to the delights of glamour model Michelle Marsh, covered only in what appears to be a roll of toilet paper. A screaming tagline reads "Britain's sexiest blonde is totally starkers!" Eye-catching? Yes. Classy? No.

It's hard to shake the feeling that Ms Davison feels she has something to prove. What exactly, we can only speculate. After all, she's every man's dream -- blonde, leggy, gorgeous. Rosanna was the type of girl who could be a role model for any ambitious youngster, until now.


These pictures may be suggestive rather than overt, but they're dragged down by the crassness of some of the other shoots in the same publication.

All in all, it looks more like the work of someone desperately trying to shimmy their way up the ladder. Our Rosanna, alas, looks as if she's trying to work her way back down.

This is a girl with a degree in Sociology and History of Art. Surely that course should have been enough to teach her that time does not look kindly on the occupants of the pages of lads' magazines.

The images may fade into memory, but they never disappear from the record. Just ask Jamie Lee Curtis. Now in her 50s, the famous actress says she rues the day she shed her clothes for the hit film Trading Places. She was, she admitted, only 21 at the time and hadn't thought about the impact it would have on her future children.

Even the most notorious nudist of them all, Helen Mirren, has spoken publicly of her regret at appearing naked in films.

Young pretender Natalie Portman may have thought her nude scenes added an extra dimension to her acting abilities when she stripped off for her film Hotel Chevalier last year. Within weeks, however, she was having second thoughts. Career opportunities may come and go, but photographs and films last forever.

One wonders if the lovely Rosanna believed her Loaded shots would help catapult her into a career in television. If so, she may be sorely mistaken.

Maybe it's time for this beauty to take a step back from the beast that is the media. Leave it to the likes of Jordan and Jodie Marsh to strip off for the drooling masses. Rosanna, you're too talented to waste yourself on something like this.

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