Monday 11 December 2017

Still heartbroken over Garth? Well at least the documentaries went ahead

At least the documentaries actually went ahead.

They were promised and promoted and one was even moved forward. Both broadcasters had a licence to show them. There was no nodding and winking and 'sure it'll all be grand, it's too big too fail, they'll get the go ahead'.

No one had to queue overnight to see them and it didn't cost you a cent to watch the one on TV3.

There were no protests. (Well, maybe some Twitter outrage - one Tweeter said he was going to brick the TV when realised there were two documentaries about Garthgate. It's called a remote?)

But when TV3 and RTE donned their Stetsons and went head to head this week with their respective 'where it all went wrong' looks at Garthgate, the numbers proved we still have an appetite for the singer.


Some 496,300 people watched the documentaries. Tens of thousands watched the repeat of the TV3 one on Wednesday night.

The fact that the two went head to head meant of course that there was no getting away from Garthgate for the thousands of Garth Brooks fans who were disappointed for the second time in recent weeks.

I guess programme makers are pretty much like music promoters.

They figure out what we want, promote it, put it together and everyone makes money.

And no, there's no truth in the rumour that five documentaries were originally planned. Turns out that two in one night is enough for even the most fanatical Garth Brooks fan (even if the man himself couldn't do two in one day).

And while we still don't know what happened to the ship with all the gear, I guess at least we know what the bulk of Reeling In The Years 2014 will be about.

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