Monday 11 December 2017

Spectacle of Brazil is over, roll on Russia 2018

ONE of the greatest sporting events on the planet, the FIFA World Cup, came to a glorious conclusion for Germany on Sunday night when they beat Argentina in extra time. 

Millions of fans across the globe have tuned in for the last month to watch this glorious spectacle of 32 nations fighting it out for the greatest trophy in soccer. 

Now that world cup fever has died down we are all back to some kind of normal living again. Reality has taken hold and now the women of the nation will be able to tune in again to Fair City, Corrie and EastEnders. 

However, I am calling on wives, mothers and sisters to show a little compassion and sympathy for their men folk who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder now that the excitement and magic of Brazil 2014 is over. 

Take heart lads, Russia 2018 is only just around the corner.

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