Friday 15 December 2017

So, is Brendan dressed to kill?

Brendan Courtney
Brendan Courtney

BBrendan Courtney has announced that he's unable to present this year's Peter Mark VIP Style Awards and he has had to relinquish that job to a new host. Brendan Courtney is always immaculately turned out, so it's fightin' talk to hear him threaten my life should he fail to make the shortlist for this year's Best Dressed Man Award.

"I'm not available [to present] this time, I'm away - I better be on the Best Dressed list though, or there'll be murder!" he said. The nominees are announced tomorrow and all I can say at this stage is it looks like I'm in danger of having my hair tousled and my wardrobe insulted by Brendan. I assume that's what he means by "murder"?

WWhile the threats from Courtney won't drive me to seek personal protection, it was interesting to read that this was the measure proposed by Andy Quirke, better known as both Damo and Ivor from RTE's hit show. Describing how the attention he gets from fans borders on the unwanted, Andy explained: "I went out drinking one night and got out of a taxi outside Copper Face Jacks. I had people practically lifting me out. Getting a bodyguard sounds a bit crazy, but I was getting so frustrated." In this anecdote, the legend that is Andy Quirke is revealed. Most of us simply need fifteen pints to get into Coppers. Andy needs a minder...

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