Thursday 14 December 2017

Should drinking your own urine be in the Olympics?

I have to admire the true grit and perseverance displayed by Vogue Williams in her celebrity survival adventure.

The model-turned TV star recently won Bear Grylls' Mission Survive and was crowned the ultimate contestant of the reality survival show.

The show concluded with Vogue pipping Kelly Holmes and Mike Tindall to the post.

After 12 days in the jungle the contestants were faced with a four-part finale that included climbing down a 300-foot rock face, setting up a camp to sleep in without using any of their equipment and making their way through a dangerous maze before racing to the Pacific Coast and lighting a signal fire.

One of the tasks Vogue had previously completed was the act of drinking a glass of her own urine. What an extraordinary feat!

Perhaps urine-drinking might be included as a sport in the next Olympics - now that's something people would pay to see.

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