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Shane's attempts to turn his music into money strikes a bum note


Shane Lynch

Shane Lynch

Shane Lynch

You can say one thing about the musical Lynch family - featuring Boyzone member Shane, and B*Witched singers Edel and Keavy - which is that they don't sell themselves short.

Because while most bands are content to charge about €50 for the privilege of watching the group perform, the three Lynchs have put a considerably higher price on more intimate performances.

News has just landed that Shane - still defying the odds by milking a career out of Boyzone a full 22 years after they were formed - is attempting to raise funds to launch his debut solo album. In so doing, he has obviously had a chin wag with his sisters, who followed the exact same path when B*Witched reformed 18 months ago by joining a website called PledgeMusic, whereby fans contribute directly to the cost of the music project. In return they get personalised collectors items, including the chance to hang out with their heroes.


At the time, Edel and Keavy were charging €18,000 for their band to perform a private gig - with four members in the band, this worked out at €4,500 per Lynch. Shane has put a higher price on his own talents, however. He is seeking €9,600 to turn up, sashay and warble for you and your friends. As a teaser of what delights awaits them, he has uploaded a 30-second clip of one of his tracks, a hip-hop tune placed over a backing track of Spandau Ballet's True. On it he performs the linguistically gymnastic trick of rhyming Dublin with bubblin' and troublin' ...

Shane has revealed that he is only a quarter of the way to securing the funds he requires, with less than four weeks to D-day. All of which suggests that the album is going to go the way of his previous much-publicised attempt to become a motorsport driver.

It's going to crash and burn.