Sunday 19 November 2017

Scribe Sinead has a very short story

Sinead O'Connor
Sinead O'Connor

Sinead O'Connor (left) has revealed she's writing her autobiography but, to the undoubted disappointment of her many fans, it will not feature any discussion about her private life.

"There will be the odd personal thing but I'm not writing about my family, or my boyfriends, there'll be none of that," she said.

This comes in the week that, yet again, Sinead is in the news because of her personal life, this time her online wooing of David McSavage (inset), who she quaintly described as "a ride and a half".

Sadly, her very public private life is about the only thing that Sinead has been known for in the past 15 years. She reportedly hasn't come up with a name for her tome yet, so I'll offer my own suggestion: The Shortest Book Ever Written.

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