Saturday 16 December 2017

Sarah shows off hidden talents in photoshoot for men's mag

Sarah Bolger
Sarah Bolger

Perhaps it is related to the atmospheric conditions in the west coast of America, but there is something about LA which seems to result in Irish models slash actresses, upon alighting in the city of angels, mysteriously finding their clothes falling off.

And while this may not come as a surprise when the would-be starlet in question is an Irish bikini model, it is slightly incongruous to discover that the latest person to fall foul of this phenomenon is actress Sarah Bolger.

Having gained rave reviews for her performance in Jim Sheridan's In American when she was just 12 years old, a stellar, Saoirse Ronan-esque career seemed to beckon for Sarah. However, after appearing in The Spiderwick Chronicles in 2008, her career has drifted, and aside from her role in the TV series The Tudors - which ended five years ago - little has been heard of her. So it should come as a welcome relief to find her making headlines again.

A lead part in a forthcoming movie, you ask? A major role in a much-anticipated HBO drama? Well, not quite.

Because in the time-honoured tradition of her illustrious predecessors, Sarah has taken her clothes off. Admittedly, it is all done in the best possible taste, and indeed it is for respected magazine Esquire, but one cannot but view her decision with more than an degree of cynicism.

"Now based in Los Angeles," said a newspaper, "the 24-year-old has Hollywood producers eating from the palm of her hand, thanks to her vivacious personality, stunning features and acting prowess."

Which is, of course, what she was showing off by stripping down to her knickers for a men's mag.

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